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Topowa Youth Mentoring Organises the Second Annual Charity Dinner 2021.

Starting out in Febuary of 2017, all we ever wanted to do as a youth led organisation was to make meaningful changes in the lives of the people around us especially young people. This we have been doing since day 1.

Since December 2018, we have held a charity event to improve the lives of the people where we work from, from Katanga to Fundraising for Salama School for the blind in Mukono, we have made these strides living bold footsteps everywhere we touched with impactful stories.

In November 2019, we organised a fundraising Dinner for Salama School For the Blind to help acquire braille machines for the blind children that study here. This Dinner was held at Royal Suites in Bugolobi and saw atleast 110 people in attendance. This Event helped us raise money and we managed to purchase a braille machine for the school that we hope is being used to help ease their learning processes.

With the coming of COVID-19 in 2020, we weren't able to hold any charity event for 2020 but this pandemic set us on journey to discover the new challenges of Mental Health. Since the lockdown was intiated back in march 2020, a lot of young people have continued to face serious mental health related challenges ranging from Depression, Anxiety etc resulting from the lockdown. This led us to establish online and text plattforms where we provided counselling and help to those battling such challenges.

However, with the increasing spike in numbers of people seeking help about such mental health related challenges, we have our hands tied and unable to do much because we lack safe spaces where people can walk in, get free services and be able to access all information they need to heal and be better. With such and many other challenges like lack of plattforms to disseminate information, we have come out this year again to fundraise money and be able to setup safe spaces at our offices to be able to provide such.

On the 21st of November 2021, we will be hosting all friends of Topowa Youth Mentoring Uganda to a dinner at Kampala Sheraton Hotel starting at 12-6pm respectively to help us raise money and be able to setup the spaces and plattforms for disseminating information to help address mental health related cases and stigma among young people in Uganda.

Cover Fees will be 100,000/- Per Person and 1.5m for a corporate Table. As you did in 2019, we're counting on you to make this happen again this year. Together we can make a difference.

Tickets are available via delivery or by calling 0393242365.

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