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Our Focus


The Youth Friends of Progress!!

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Our Mission

Our Mission is being committed towards building strong, trusting relationships, build positive attitudes and life skills in youth and impacting communities throughout Uganda that can create a better world tomorrow.


Teaching children today allows for a brighter future, one in which they can both learn and teach. 


We help young people, families, and communities deal with issues of HIV AIDS and drug abuse .


Our work is majorly considered as altruistic activities, where we provide services for no financial gain to benefit the Youth and our communities in Uganda.

At Topowa Youth Mentoring Uganda, Our Team is driven to create value every day. Our core values are the foundation of our organisation, essential to our success and serve as the lens through which we evaluate every decision we take. Our rules and policies apply equally to all. We are generous with our expertise, our tools and our time.

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The High School Career Expo 2020
ISBAT University Kampala

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"Our Programs are carefully crafted to meet the development needs of the each and every Youth. At the End of the day, we make sure that these programs promote Health, Creative thinking and can be able to support the youth to fulfill their Dreams"


We primarily invest in helping Young people to find positive motivation, Mentor-ship, adequate training, tools and assistance that can help them to live a responsible youth hood to  accomplish their dreams.

Email: topowayouth@gmail.com

Phone: +256-782180185

Address: Plot 714 - Bahai Road

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