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All our programs, campaigns or projects are innovatively developed to be inclusice so that we are able to provide information, inspiration and motivation in regards to mentorship, substance and drug abuse, empowering Girls to succeed and address  teenage pregnancy , address issues HIV/AIDS and stigma, life skills, and so many other issues that affect young people.


Our work is majorly considered as altruistic activities, where we provide services for no financial gain to benefit the Youth and our communities in Uganda to ensure that we have better young people for tomorrow and we have done this since April 2017 reaching over



The Mentorship Program

Many young people need someone they look up to to help them find their way and work towards making their dreams possible. This program helps young people find mentors through our structures of school clubs, school visits and special programs for mentoring boys and girls on behavioural change, personal skills and values etc



The Mental Health / Beera Steady Campaign.

A big percentage of young people battle mental health related leading but not limited to suicide.

This is because they have no access to information and safe spaces where they can get help in the same. The goal of the campaign is to provide information and help to all young people facing mental health related challenges through our interventions of free counselling and home based care solutions


Be Smart, Don't Start

Beera Steady is a behavioral change campaign targeting young people living in Uganda between the ages of 13 to 22.The aim of the campaign, is to Create awareness about the possible mass dangers of using illicit drugs and engaging in unhealthy sexual behavior for young people to empower them with knowledge and skills to learn how to make smart choices to help them live healthy and constructive lives.




Topowa Gal Pawa

At Topowa Youth Mentoring Uganda, we are very passionate about creating equal and better opportunities for the girl child. We seek to train them on various skills that can make them stand out, be different and to always show that difference boldly.

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