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Topowa Holds Annual Charity Day 2018.

Updated: May 27, 2019

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Like the culture is at Topowa Youth Mentoring Uganda, every year they hold a charity day for a less privileged community of people in Uganda as a way of improving lives in the communities.

This year’s charity day was held last Saturday on the 1st of December 2018 at Salama School for the blind in Mukono District.

Salama school for the blind is a primary school in Mukono that hosts about 100 students where some are fully blind and others have small visual impairments. The school provides standard academic facilities to these blind children to help them realize their dreams despite of the fact that they are blind.

Topowa Youth Mentoring Uganda decided to hold it’s annual charity day at Salama and it was a very colorful day with earth moving presentations from Dance competitions to a very entertaining debate session held under the motion “Pupils are responsible for their own academic success”.

Donated items included shoes, clothings, bags, bed sheets and other personal belongings that were all gathered from the general public. The Team from Topowa Youth Mentoring Uganda also prepared a delicious meal that they shared with the School Community.

The Event was partly supported by SSaka Bulk Hauliers and the Futsal Association Uganda through the Topowa Charity Development Program.

Special Girl and boy talks were held with the blind children to help boost their self-esteem under the theme “Disability is not inability”. Carolyne Naula the Public Relations officer at Topowa Youth Mentoring Uganda, emphasized the need to pay much attention to such less privileged children to help them realize their hidden power as they can do anything they aspire to be.

The Founder and Team Leader at Topowa Youth Mentoring Uganda, Mr. Katongole Sulaiman appreciated the support of the entire Topowa Team, the Sponsors and the general public for donating items. Topowa pledged to buy a brailing machine for the schools my April 2019.

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