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Topowa Youth Mentoring Uganda Organises National Schools Career Day 2019.

Updated: May 27, 2019

Our goal as Topowa Youth Mentoring Uganda is to build a better, healthier, Inspired and Motivated future for all the youth and their communities in Uganda.

Working majorly in Uganda and all her Mother Districts, Topowa Youth Mentoring Uganda works side by sidewith all partners and stake holders to ensure the highest attainable level of health, skills,training and support for all young people in their communities through training and engagement.

As Topowa Youth Mentoring Uganda, we have learnt that learning in order to apply for oneself as opposed to merely accumulating knowledge in school which is a common culture for Ugandan students attending secondary school and university Education is not only the keystone for skilling Ugandan youth, but is also the best chance for overcoming the youth unemployment challenges of this digital era in this country.

The Topowa Youth National Schools Career Day,will create a  a platform where students can come to get information, motivation and Inspiration from People, Organisations, Institutions and companies that are passionate about bringing the possibility of skilling youth in relevant disciplines relevant to a changing world to create opportunities and to train the youth on the relevance of gaining skill based learning to remain in sync with fast-changing know-how in the World under the theme “SHAPING THE FUTURE OF UGANDA’S YOUTH THROUGH SKILLING, ENGAGEMENT AND ACTION.

The Topowa Youth National Schools Career Day will be a day where high school and secondary school learners of gather at a suggested venue and can  have all the information they might need at their disposal to help them learn more about the relevance of skill based learning, which career paths they can follow to achieve this, which institutions available, which companies they might work for and any Jobs they can start fo them embrace if they embrace skill based learning and creative thinking. A day that will put everything in perspective for them before they start applying and that will encourage and help them see that life after high school does exist and there are people who are willing to help. Therefore pushing them to apply to institutions or decide what they want to do with their lives early in the year.

This Event will also feature successful young people in different practical fields such as media, photography, catering, art and design, music, ICT and Robotics, Fashion and design, Business etcwho will be speaking to the young people to share there Stories so that the youth can learn and appreciate that everything they focus on is possible.

This Event will also create a Platform for youth to enter into a specifically designed follow up mentorship program that can help mentor them in their vacation and holiday period by offering free hands on skills and chance to meet , interact , and learn from their mentors.

This Event will take Place on the 10th of March 2018 at Naalya SS Namugongo and id being organised in Partnership with Zimba Woen Group and Kafeero Foundation.

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