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Our Report and the Things we've been working on.

At Topowa Youth Mentoring Uganda, Our Team is driven to create value every day. Our core values are the foundation of our organisation, essential to our success and serve as the lens through which we evaluate every decision we take. Our rules and policies apply equally to all. We are generous with our expertise, our tools and our time.

​Our work is majorly considered as altruistic activities, where we provide services for no financial gain to benefit the Youth and our communities in Uganda to ensure that we have better young people for tomorrow and we have done this since April 2017 reaching over

Topowa Youth mentoring Uganda was voted as the best youth led community organisation in the recently concluded Uganda Breweries at 72 awards beating 72 other individuals and organisations.

​The competition was a voting campaign on social media where followers had to like the story of the organisation that's making social impact in the lives of fellow young people. Topowa won this award with over 2200 votes walking away with a a big reward of 10 million Ugandan shillings.

Topowa thanked Uganda breweries for the generous gesture and pledged to use the funds to extend their services to rural areas supporting the girl power program and other programs.

Since April 2017, our Team has successfully implemented 2 projects among young people aged 12 and 22 years in and out of school.

The Topowa Mentorship Project was launched in April 2017 to help young people find positive Mentors, those that can share their time and experience to inspire positive success among the young people and since its initiation the project has successfully enrolled 1562 young people and these have been matched with 260 Positive role models in a carefully structured mentorship program and still on going.

At Topowa Youth Mentoring Uganda, we are very passionate about creating equal and better opportunities for the girl child. We seek to train them on various skills that can make them stand out, be different and to always show that difference boldly. Under our Topowa Gal Pawa Program that was also launched in 2017, we have provided menstrual hygiene training to over 2000 girls in over 25 schools across Uganda, taught them how to make reusable sanitary pads to overcome many menstrual hygiene challenges.

The program has also focused on encouraging girls to take on STEM based learning as way of stepping up the girls’ performance so that the girl children can favorably compete for those professions that have been mainly dominated by their male counterparts.

HIV/AIDS continues to be a big global challenge especially with the fast growth of the epidemic among young people aged 15-24 years, to be able to address this, a lot of effort is needed to educate, emphasize and test for the epidemic to create continuing awareness about the Virus. Since December 2018 when we launched our Beera Steady campaign to address the challenges around HIV among young people and the communities they live, we have successfully reached over 5140 young people, tested over 2136 for HIV and provided ongoing counselling for over 1400 of them. The program is being implemented in partnership with other youth led organization Pearl Generation Uganda.

Funded by UBL Together with our Different partners and Youth Friends of progress, for 2 years from March 2019 to November 2020 we are running a campaign dubbed "Cool Teens Don't Drink" among teens in and out School to raise awareness on the dangers of underage drinking of alcohol.

The campaign seeks to identify, teach and demonstrate dangers of underage drinking in youth friendly ways to cause behavioral change among teenagers and stop the underage drinking scourge that has had biting effects in society.

This campaign will run in 30 secondary schools and so far 21 had been reached by the time the COVID 19 Lockdown was initiated across Uganda and will also target youth community centers, Teachers, Bar owners, attendants and parents to try and engage them in the fight against underage drinking.

Negative Peer pressure has led a lot of young people in Uganda into using dangerous drugs and chemicals like Marijuana and Cocaine, this has massively harmed the lives of the youth and many have been lost to this epidemic. To Intervene, our team designed and educative yet entertaining campaign dubbed “Be Smart Don’t Start” in 2018 at Kitebi SS in Rubaga Division to engage young people aged 12 to 24 years in the fight against drug and substance abuse and this program has successfully been rolled out to 10 other schools or communities reaching over 54000 young people in the course. The program uses Music, art and poetry to inclusively engage the young people to create content that can be used to educate and demonstrate massive effects of substance abuse and reward the participants in the campaign. Blogs and articles have been written and about this and many success stories recorded with videos on our Youtube channel and Facebook accounts.

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