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Smashed Live,The Underage drinking awareness campaign impacting Teens in Uganda.

Is it possible to tackle Underage Drinking with "Positive Thinking" in Uganda?

Have you heard of the empowering campaign that's making waves across the Country? Smashed Uganda, in collaboration with its delivery partner: Topowa Youth Mentoring Uganda, are igniting change with the ground-breaking program called Smashed Live. Smashed Live, a live theatre drama-based education initiative, on a mission to tackle underage drinking, especially among students. Let's explore how Smashed Uganda is transforming lives, one school at a time!

Unveiling Smashed Live: Empowering a Generation

The theme of Smashed Uganda’s program is "Alcohol Education to Empower a Generation," and it's a global campaign with an ambitious target of reaching 10,000,000 young people by 2030. Mirembe Exodus College located in Wakiso and Rubaga Mixed Secondary School located in Jjeza Mityana Road hosted the very first Smashed Live presentation in the month of July, on 01st July 2023. The program has reached an astounding number of schools across the country along different roads that is; Masaka Road, Hoima Road, Mityana Road, Bombo Road and the City Center. We managed to reach a total number of thirty (30) schools in July.

A Journey of Awareness

During the school outreach activities, thousands of students have had their eyes opened to the social and emotional causes of underage drinking. Smashed Uganda believes in arming Young people with knowledge, and there it is doing an exceptional job at it! Through the drama-based education, students are mainly learning about the harmful effects of alcohol on their bodies and the available avenues to seek help if they fall victim to the vice of underage drinking.

Unmasking the Culprit: Peer Pressure

The captivating drama unfolds, revealing the lives of three young individuals. Two of them are students, while one is a school dropout. As the story unravels, the audience witnesses the dangerous impact of Peer pressure, a leading cause of underage drinking. Smashed Uganda skilfully weaves this narrative, shedding light on the desperate need to fit in that many students face. The drama serves as a wake-up call, urging young people to make informed decisions and resist the pressures that may lead them astray.

The Key Message: Fostering Responsible Choices.

But Smashed Uganda doesn't stop at raising awareness. No way! It goes the extra mile to teach students the importance of making healthy and informed decisions that will shape their lives now, and later as responsible adults. By equipping young minds with the knowledge and tools to navigate the challenges they encounter, Smashed Uganda is surely building a brighter future for Uganda's Youth.

Join the Movement, Make a Difference!

So, how can you get involved? Search for Smashed Uganda or Topowa Youth mentoring Uganda on all social media pages and request them to visit your school. Simple, right? You can also call 0393242365/+2560200902814 or email: .

So, stay tuned for more updates from Smashed Uganda as we continue our incredible journey of arming Young People with knowledge and tools to challenge peer pressure when it arises. We believe we can make a positive Difference to the lives of over 10 Million young people by 2030.

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