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Topowa Rebrands the Cool Teens Don't Drink Campaign to Smashed.

Happy New Year 2022 and warm Greetings from the Awesome Team Here at Topowa Youth Mentoring Uganda.

As a Youth Led organisation, we have continued to be the center of excellence for developing Youth Empowerment programs that seek to build a better, healthier, inspired and a motivated future for all the young people and their communities in Uganda since April 2017 and still going.

Since March 2019, We embarked on a Journey of delivering awareness messages on underage drinking across many schools and communities in Uganda under our Cool Teens Don't Drink Campaign that enabled us reach over 50 schools and over 500,000 young people physically including a million plus over our socials. This Journey has not only been exciting for us but set us off to even connect deeper and understand more issues affecting Teens in Uganda. With this campaign, we clearly demonstrated the consequences of underage drinking across all tours using music, dance, drama and lately a Movie Titled Suubi that was later on launched and screened for the same goal.

With the coming of Covid -19 and taking into consideration all changes happening across the board, together with all our stakeholders, we took a decision to rebrand our Cool Teens Don't Drink Campaign to Smashed to give it a new face, design and twitch up things a little bit to deliver more exciting messaging still around addressing underage drinking.

Smashed is a life-changing Live Theater education tackling underage drinking with positive thinking messaging among young people to create a generation prepared for peer pressure and armed against negative influence running under the "ALCOHOL EDUCATION TO EMPOWER A GENERATION" theme. Live Theater plays will be performed across all tours clearly demonstrating to the Teens the effects of underage drinking followed up by workshops for them to clearly point out learning points from the close to 30 minutes stage plays.

With Smashed, it's just the name change, and style of delivering the messaging to stage plays that changes from Cool Teens, but we're still the same Cool Brand now even determined to go an extra mile and change things up just like all the Big Boys to continue raising awareness around responsible drinking behaviour among young people. We're very excited about this change and we can't wait to get back to touring now that schools and other learning centers are officially open.

See you Soon!!!

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