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Topowa Youth Mentoring Set to Premiere an Underage drinking Movie.

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

If there's anything that Covid has taught us, it is the ability to cop with difficult situations and to think innovatively to survive the current times.

Before march 2020, we had embarked on a journey through the Cool Teens Don't Drink Campaign to reach up to 20 Schools with the theme of engaging Teenagers on how they can avoid underage drinking and its consquences. Half way down this road, Covid hit us and we had to hibernate.

With schools closed and gatherings stopped, we had to look for ways of sending our message to the Teens without physical gatherings, our Team thought of ways and as the use of smart phones and the demand for visual content continued to rise throughout the lock down, we thought we could do an educational miniseries for purposes of educating the teens as we entertain them on theme of underage drinking.

Funded by our Cool Teens Don't Drink Campaign, We partnered with big names in the industry to develop the script, audition and train actors and actresses, shoot and produce the mini series.

Shot at multiple locations in Kampala, the mini Series features several Talented young actors and actresses who are passionate about acting and it was easy for Topowa Youth Mentoring Uganda to put this together with all this talent on Set.

The Movie Titled "Suubi" is a story of a young girl called Suubi who comes from a poor family but has big dreams of becoming a big musician one day. Influenced by her rich friends, Suubi is led into making many irresponsible choices about her life that later backfire leading her into chaos and trouble.

Underage drinking continues to be a big problem Teens are battling with in Uganda, this mini series helps highlight some of many irresponsible choices young people make but also how they can seek help to be able to deal with the same.

The Movie is shot and Produced by Ulah Media, a new Digital Agency and 4line Company. It will be premiering on the 13th of Feb 2021 at a yet to be disclosed location and will be showcased throughout many schools, youth centers and on one major Tv station also yet to be disclosed.

Have you watched the trailer? Don't take our word for it watch it here ;

So are you ready to watch what we've created, Let's link up on 13th Feb 2021.

Zero Tolerance to Underage Drinking!!!

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