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Topowa Youth Mentoring Shines with the Smashed Campaign.

Founded in 2017, Topowa Youth mentoring Uganda has consistently stuck to its goals of empowering young people with information that can help them makle healthy life choices.

After successfully rebranding the Smashed campaign, Topowa headed out to fortportal in Uganda where they successfully reached close to 5000 young people in the underage drinking awareness campaign. Nyakasura,Fortportal SS,Kyebambe girls,Mpanga SS,among many were some of the schools reached in the first round of the campaign in february 2022.

In its second round, Topowa even went deeper into Bunyangabu,Buheesi,and Kaboyo subcounties reaching schools like St Paul SS, Buheesi SS, Kaboyo Seed School, St Johns SS, etc to deliver Smashed Live to young people in magnlised commnuities.

In Kampala and Surrounding areas, Smashed has been at Seeta Schools, Naalya Schools, Kinaawa, Bishop Cipriano among others

Smashed is a live Theater performance that tackles underage drinking with positive thinking messages to create a generation prepared to deal with Peer Pressure and be able to make smart choices about underage drinking when the time comes.

The program seeks to create a generation of young people armed against peer pressure and negative influence so they can live their dreams fully.

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